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What Is Health Hacking?

The body is the most miraculous Doctor of all … but sometimes it needs a little help.Looking to achieve a certain health goal, or overcome an illness? Health is not only the absence of disease, its also the ability to perform and function optimally.

A one-to-one consultation with Bio-Health Hackers Certified Advanced Bio-Therapist will inspire, enable, and empower you to take control of your health.

Is something you’re consuming or using impacting your health? Is something your body needs to maintain good health not being provided?

The key to success is helping clients detect and correct. We offer modern testing, advice, a tailored plan forward, and some great Health Hacks.

Diet, Nutrition And Supplementation

Following on from testing we can offer simple tailored dietary strategies, and recommend supplements when needed, to kick start your health by giving your body the nutrients it needs the most to thrive and achieve optimum health and wellness.


At Bio-Health Hacker

We focus on things such as Food Intolerances, Gut Bacteria, Deficiencies, Supplementation, and your bodies Bioelectrical System.

The human body is a Bioelectrical System. Every muscle movement, every cell, every heart beat, and every thought relies on electrical impulses and signals. Energy flows via circuits traditionally called ‘meridians’, which allow all parts of our bodies, and cells, to function and communicate.

Mora Nova

At Bio-Health Hacker we can ‘hack’ into your Bioelectrical System… and it’s very effective.
We listen to and communicate with your bodies Bioelectrical System using Bioenergetics, Bioresonance, and Electronic Acupuncture.


Electronic Acupuncture

Electronic Acupuncture allows us to connect to your bodies Meridians so we candetect and correct any energetic imbalances and blockages of the essential energy flow within your body, so it can function and communicate as it should and restoring a natural balance … its a modern form of acupuncture … but without the needles


Bioenergetics allows us to send and listen to electromagnetic signals in your body to find out what’s going on. We can cancel signals and also find beneficial signals and use them as a therapy. We can even use these signals to create personalised Infoceuticals for you to take away with you. This modern approach has been proven to have amazing results.

Intolerance Testing

Using Bioresonance we can test over 1000 different items such as foods, beauty products, and medications, you can even bring items you are suspicious of with you for us to test.

Food Intolerance testing alone can have a dramatic effect on your health. Whats good for some may be bad for others.

Using Bioenergetics, Bioresonance, and Electronic Acupuncture we analyse and communicate with your bodies crucial and amazing Bioelectrical System. Energy flows via circuits traditionally called ‘meridians’, which allow all parts of our bodies, and cells, to function and communicate and now we hack into it. This modern approach has been proven to have amazing results.

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For more information, or for a free 15 minute phone consultation call to see if Bio Health Hacking is right for you please contact us below or Call 0746 442 0069

About Nick

Professional Bio Health Hacker

Bio-Health Hacker was founded by Nick, and he’s passionate about optimising health and wellness , and enhancing life. Nicks journey began 20 years ago taking him to Germany to train and study to become an Advanced Mora Therapist, initially specialising in Bio-resonance, Pulsed
electromagnetic frequencies, and Bioenergetics. Since then, a desire to learn and stay ahead through study of the latest Nutraceuticals and science based Biomedical technologies has allowed him to build a great knowledge that he loves to share . HIs mission is to inspire, enable, and empower clients to take control and effectively Hack Health.

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